When does the enrollment for studies begin?
Recruitment for tertiary education follows the enrollment schedule for a given academic year.

Who is responsible for the enrollment of international students?
International students are recruited by the International Relations Office,, +48 52 374 92 59 / +48 52 374 92 99

How much is the recruitment fee?

  • 150 zł; the following fields of study: Architecture, Interior Design, Visual Communication, Design (first cycle full-time studies)
  • 85 zł; the remaining fields of study

When can the application fee be returned?
One can apply for a refund of the recruitment fee, e.g. in the case of double payment of the fee; the candidate has paid the fee after the due date and was not included in the classification procedure by the Recruitment Committee; when a given field of study has not been launched.

What technical parameters should a digital photo follow?
It must meet the technical parameters for the photo for the ID card, with minimum dimensions of 500 x 625 pixels. 

How do I explain to the photographer what photo they should take of me?
The photo should follow the rules for taking an ID card photo. Further, it is worth taking an electronic medium to download the photo in its digital form from the photographer

Who can certify a copy of the secondary school leaving certificate?
Th e documents are certified as true copies by a university employee, the notary. The candidate must present to a University employee (for inspection) the original/copy of the secondary school-leaving certificate or diploma.

What should I do if I do not have a diploma yet and the due date for submitting documents is still pending (applies to recruitment for second-cycle studies)?
The submitted documents must be accompanied by a certificate of completion of first-cycle studies (the certificate can be obtained at the Registrar’s Office). The genuine copy of the diploma should be completed immediately after receipt (within thirty days from the diploma examination).

What about people who did not pass the matura/secondary school-leaving exam?
If you have the right to retake the exam and pass it, you can take part in supplementary recruitment (see the recruitment schedule). Please note that supplementary recruitment will only be open to the fields of study with vacancies.

Why do the admission rules at PBS differ from those functioning at other universities?
By law, each University can set its own rules for admission to tertiary education studies and remains independent in this respect.

Is there an upper age limit reducing the possibility of taking up education at PBS?

Were there any score thresholds established during recent recruitments?
No, there were no score thresholds. The only limitation regards the number of admissions for a given field of study.

Is a medical certificate required in the recruitment process?
No. A referral for medical examinations (to an occupational medicine physician) will be issued after admission to the tertiary education system.

I have a secondary school-leaving certificate/diploma issued abroad. What should I do?
The candidate should immediately contact an employee of the International Relations Office,, +48 52 374 92 59 / +48 52 374 92 99