Information for future supervisors

We kindly ask future supervisors to read the regulations:

  • the Law on Higher Education and Science of July 20, 2018 (PSWiN), regarding the provision of scientific supervision over doctoral students, including Articles 183 and 190;
  • Regulations of the  PBS Doctoral School;
  • current Recruitment rules.
  • Before deciding to apply a candidate to the  PBS Doctoral School, the future supervisor should take care of the doctoral student’s relevant publications, the dissertation’s preliminary topic, the research plan and sources of research funding and doctoral scholarship.

Funding for research and doctoral scholarships can be applied for, for example, in the following programs:

  • National Science Centre: Preludium bis, Opus;
  • MEiN: Implementation doctorate

Information for the supervisors 

  • We ask the supervisors to familiarize themselves with the requirements for developing an Individual Research Plan and to get involved in its preparation and annual reporting.
  • The supervisor should be aware that a negative mid-term evaluation of the doctoral student or negative reviews of the doctoral dissertation may determine the possibility of taking up the following function of the supervisor (PSWiN, Article 190.6).
  • It should be remembered that the supervisor may inform the director of the  PBS Doctoral School about the lack of progress in the implementation of the dissertation, which may result in the removal of the doctoral student, without the consequences mentioned earlier for the supervisor (PSWiN, Article 203.2).
  • We ask that the academic teacher treat doctoral students kindly and remain impartial and fair. The academic teacher should also be patient and understanding.
  • We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the legal opinion of the Ombudsman for Doctoral Candidates’ Rights of the Polish Association of Doctoral Candidates regarding the doctoral student’s rights to the doctoral dissertation and scientific achievements.