About us

The Science Centre reports directly to the Vice-Rector for Science and Evaluation.


The main tasks of the Science Centre include:

•    Coordination of research activities of PBS units.
•    Coordination of tasks related to the preparation and conduct of evaluation of the quality of the scientific activity.
•    Entering/verifying data into the POL-on system in the following modules: institutions (research activity), investments (in particular research equipment), artistic achievements, patents and protection rights (declarations/authorizations), Faculty and staff (declarations), projects (financed national), promotion procedures.
•    Monitoring tasks resulting from cooperation with Councils for Scientific Disciplines in scientific research.
•    Collecting information, preparing reports on scientific and research activities, developing scientific and academic staff, and organizing conferences and other scientific events.
•    Cooperation with other PBS and non-university units in promoting and developing the University of Science and Technology scientific and research activities.
•    Undertaking organizational and administrative activities for the development of academic staff in monitoring the scientific activity of faculty and staff and awarding academic degrees in cooperation with organizational units of PBS.
•    Preparing assistance for doctors and habilitated doctors.
•    Keeping registers of applications and agreements concerning scientific and research works and cooperation in the field of scientific and research activities.
•    Preparing data necessary to prepare statements, reports and other documents for institutions and units controlling the scientific and research activities of the University of Science and Technology.
•    Gathering information on the sources and methods of obtaining funds for financing scientific and research activities and disseminating them among the PBS faculty and staff.
•    Providing advice and consultations for PBS faculty and staff regarding preparing application forms.
•    Preparation of analyzes regarding the degree of use of funds for scientific and research activities (research topics).
•    Carrying out activities related to financing pro-innovation activities through the central fund supporting pro-innovation activities at the University of Science and Technology.
•    Performing citation analyzes of scientific publications of PBS faculty and staff.
•    Determining bibliometric indicators.
•    Maintaining the Bibliography of Publications by PBS Faculty and Staff.
•    Sending data on publications by PBS faculty and staff to reporting modules.
•    Handling matters related to sabbatical leaves and domestic internships for PBS Faculty, staff and doctoral students.
•    Handling other matters commissioned by the Vice-Rector for Science and Evaluation.