Fair play rules

Have you experienced mobbing or discrimination, including sexual harassment, or have you witnessed such behaviour?

React and express your opposition!
Report to the anti-mobbing and discrimination coordinator.

e-mail address:
Phone number: 509 683 857


Violence aimed at the sexual sphere of an undergraduate/graduate/postgraduate student/doctoral candidate or an employee consisting in unwanted (that is, to which the person did not express their conscious and unforced consent) sexual contact in a physical, verbal or non-verbal form, regardless of the existing relationship the person using violence and the person injured in the relationship, taking the form of:

  • unwanted sexual jokes;
  • unwanted sexual remarks;
  • unwanted invitations, messages, etc.;
  • unwanted suggestive sexual innuendos or gestures;
  • insistent looking and appraising;
  • catcalling;
  • unsolicited display of erotic or pornographic material in any form;
  • unwanted initiation of physical contact without the consent of the other person;
  • pulling someone’s clothes up without permission;
  • exposing genitals to another person who has not consented to it;
  • unwanted insistent flirting, even when rejected;
  • unwanted sexual advances;
  • rape;
  • blackmailing with public disclosure of possessed materials of an intimate nature;
  • disseminating information about someone’s sex life against that person’s will;
  • taking advantage of a difficult situation, loneliness, or helplessness to establish intimate relationships.