Quality of education at PBS

Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology strives to ensure compliance of the quality of education with the requirements of the law in the field of tertiary education. The Internal Education Quality Assurance System includes assumptions, goals, tools and processes related to the design, implementation, evaluation and improvement of the quality of the education process. The system consists of appropriate organizational structures with an indication of the division of responsibilities as well as procedures and processes enabling the implementation of education quality management and the creation of a high-quality culture understood as collective responsibility for education at the PBS, behaviour patterns of students, faculty and non-academic staff and activities related to care for high quality. Improving the quality of education is a continuous and systematic process in which all internal stakeholders participate, the University of Science and Technology employees, students and participants of postgraduate studies and external stakeholders: candidates for studies, representatives of the socio-economic environment and graduates.

The basic University-wide procedures in the field of quality and evaluation of education applicable at PBS are:

  • Evaluation of classes conducted by academic teachers and doctoral students,
  • Inspections of didactic classes,
  • Satisfaction assessment of PBS students and doctoral students,
  • Assessment of satisfaction of international  students,
  • Satisfaction assessment of PBS graduates,
  • Monitoring the careers of graduates.

In addition to University-wide procedures, the faculties have been developing their own procedures for the quality of education, e.g. diploma procedures.

PBS possesses the Book of Education Quality Management, which contains all information on the quality and evaluation of education at PBS.