Availability of buildings

Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology, considering the needs of students with disabilities, also tries to eliminate architectural barriers. Many buildings are equipped with external ramps, suitable entrance doors, elevators, toilets adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, and SOS paging systems.
Location of PBS Facilities:

Kaliski Campus:

  • one external elevator ( Building H)
  • two indoor elevators (Building A and AN)
  • generally accessible elevators in buildings
  • five stair platforms
  • stair railings
  • PBS-assistant integrated information system
  • three entrances to the main buildings - automatic doors
  • toilets
  • ramps
  • dedicated parking spaces

Kaliski Campus Two students halls (DSF1 and DSF2):

  • public elevators in buildings with voice notification, with Braille-described buttons
  • one driveway (F2 Building, F1 Building does not require a driveway)
  • two rooms (adapted to the needs of the mobility impaired - non-walking)

Błonie Campus - students halls (DSB1 and DSB2) :

  • one driveway (B1 Building, B2 Building does not require a driveway)

Seminaryjna 3 Street:

  • one external elevator
  • one driveway
  • dedicated parking space

Fordońska 430 Street:

  • one internal elevator
  • one public elevator
  • one driveway
  • four toilets
  • dedicated parking space

Bernardyńska 6 Street:

  • toilets
  • dedicated parking spaces

Mazowiecka 28:

  • internal elevator
  • toilets
  • the building does not require a driveway
  • dedicated parking space